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Custom made motorcycle T-shirts, motorcycle art, paintings and posters.
And, a pretty cool hangout on special occasions in Midtown-Reno, Nevada


Custom made motorcycle T-shirts. Unique moto-inspired designs for motorcyclists and moto-enthusiasts.


Motorcycle art, paintings and posters. On display on location.


There’s love for vintage and obscure motorcycles. We keep it interesting.


A nifty place to hang out and chat about...yes, motorcycles.

Motogarten is inspired to celebrate a culture of creativity. A shrine to ‘run-what-you-brung’ resourcefulness and garage-honest industrial art. Here there is simply respect for the beauty and enjoyment of “the machine”, whatever shape it may be.

We make art. We love motorcycles. We like beer and Throttle-Dogs.

Step inside Motogarten. There’s music in your ears and flashbulbs in your eyes. There’s oil and ink splattered on our clothes, and gasoline in our veins. We pray with greasy hands and adrenaline-filled palms. Motogarten is six speeds and loose cables. Wind on your face, dust in the air, and thunder in your guts. There’s bikes on the patio. Minibike racing and burnouts in the alley. There’s art on walls, beer on tap and smiles for miles.

No throttle no thanks

What’s a Throttle-Dog? Keep scrolling…


Enter a Space thats off the busy streets of Midtown and into an inter urban hideout filled with fruit trees, plants, and bikes spread about. A place where you can take your helmet off, take a breath and a view of Mt. Rose and the city scape outside of its walls.

Art, Motorcycles, and Lubrication

The Shirts

There’s a Mural in the alley for photo opportunities, shirts and hats on racks for sale, and colorful paintings around the space.

It all started by making one-off moto T-shirts for myself, and throwing down a brush now-and-then to flood the walls with motorcycle paintings and various art. So many guys wanted shirts, so these days, I design, draw and screen print small runs of shirts and prints for motorcyclists and moto-enthusiasts, and sometimes sell a painting or two.


There’s some funky motorcycles around here. I have a fondness for vintage bikes, 2 strokes, and the ugly and obscure. It’s far from a museum, but some are neat to look at.

The Lube

Are we talking oil, or beer? Yes.

We have Pigeon Head Brewery drafts and Redline Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil on the shelf.

For the Vintage and the Obscure. From Honda’s to Hodakas.

From Trials to Trails to Tarmac.


Well, hello.

Motogarten is a place for the commuters, the adventure riders, the off-roaders to road racers, and anyone else that has a passion for bikes, has gasoline in their veins, and a smile across their face.


who is this guy?

A guy that rides, wrenches, creates, designs and builds. Who enjoys the process of ingenuity working with wood, metal, paint, and on motorized glory. A guy that is constantly designing and “making”, in the shop, in the wild, or from behind a computer.

I love to talk about bikes, concepts, ideas and rides. Riding–whether it’s offroad, trackdays, snowmobiling, or spending time on the lake on stand-up jetskis, I absolutely dig it. Hit me up if you want to go tool around.

On the professional side, I’ve got a degree in Communication Art/Design, and have worked in various Creative and Advertising Agencies for over 3 decades. (I almost went to Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, and have a funny story about that if you ever happen to ask.)



Just off the press! Celebrating good times, printed on a soft, dark gray 60/40 blend Shirt. 4 color print on front, black on back.

Small run LIMITED EDITION. I only printed (2-XXL), (20-XL), (12-LG), (5-MD). All Motogarten shirt graphics are designed and printed here on site by artist Denny Soltis.


Annette and Tina from TA OFFROAD RACING rock’n the Throttle Dog


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Motogarten is in Midtown Reno, along the route of the Mural Tour, in the Alley south of Cheney St, between Virginia and Center. (Enter Alley between Midtown Eats and Death & Taxes. We’re next door to the Taco Shop.)


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