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the adventure


Every bike has a different purpose. For me, Adventure bikes have a mission of their own, for sure.

Think about it this way. Hypothetically, you’re a fisherman. A bass fisherman has a glitter boat that rips the lake at 80mph, fishing as quick as they can to catch the biggest fish, on a nice sunny day. Now, imagine being a Steelheader. You’re in a drift boat, it’s 45 degrees and raining. The river is low, and now you’re dragging your Drift across the shallows searching for the spawn. You like the misery. But, there is always the satisfaction–the relaxation, tranquility, and the glory of it all.

Adventure riders are the Steelheaders. Sometimes you just need to get away, and do it your way.

Whether you’re on a BMW GS, a Triumph Tiger, a KTM Adventure, or a Teneré, put on your Adventure T-Shirt and get out there!

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